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Laser Hair Removal

What is the type of laser used in removing hair?

Long Pulse Nd Yag (Best for removing hair in Asian skin)

Is hair removal permanent?

Yes there is permanent hair reduction.

How many sessions are required?

It is necessary to have a course of treatments to achieve the desired result. The outcome of the laser treatment depends on many factors like area being treated, hair texture, hair growth rate, skin type, timing of laser session, genetic predisposition towards being hairy, hormone profile etc. Touch up sessions might be required in most of the cases.

Does it hurt during the laser procedure?

No, but it can get uncomfortable if high fluence is used.

How does the skin look immediately after the laser treatment?
  • There can be swelling- mild to severe. Resolving with or without medications.
  • There can be superficial burns (look like small cuts) especially if hair are thick or moderately thick. Resolving with or without topical creams. Leaving no marks behind.
  • There is a chance to induce severe skin burn if
  • Face was not properly washed with soap & traces of makeup or creams were left.
  • Skin was bleached at a salon few days before getting the procedure.
  • Skin was treated with topical retinoids used in acne treatment (tretinex, retin-A,isotrex,isotrexin,oratane gel) 2 days before getting the laser hair reduction done.
  • Patient is on oral retinoids for acne treatement (cap ro-accutane, cap oratane).
  • Patient is having some special kind of herbal tea St-Johns Wort.


When to come for the next laser session?

Approximately 1 month.

Will trimming & shaving make hair texture thick?


What is paradoxical hair growth?

Thin & wispy hair has a tendency to become thick (Paradoxical Hair Growth). If it happens, thick hair eventually becomes thin or disappears.

Should hair be shaved off before coming for the laser treatment?

It is better to come without shaving your hair so that laser hair removal parameters can be decided accordingly as they may vary depending on the hair texture and density.

Can hair be removed by any means during the laser sessions?

It is recommended not to pluck, thread or wax hair during the laser sessions. They can be shaved with a razor. (Females should use a lady razor)

Can hair be bleached during laser sessions?


Can grey or white hair be treated with laser?
No. There is a separate treatment for that.
Can laser treat both thick and thin hair?

Yes, the laser used in our clinic can treat both thick and thin hair in contrast to some other lasers which lack the ability to treat fine hair.

Can laser hair removal be done in pregnancy?
Yes. It is treating only skin and has no systemic involvement.
Can it be used safely on various body areas?
All body areas can be safely treated with this laser.

Do I need to bring any hormone blood test or ultrasound reports when I come to see the doctor for being hairy on face and body?

If the patient is having irregular menstrual cycles on regular basis then yes an abdominal or pelvic ultrasound and a complete hormone profile blood report needs to be brought when you come and see the doctor.

Hormone profile is a blood test done on 2nd or 3rd day of menses.

It includes the following hormones:




Total testosterone



Insulin Sensitivity

Does weight loss help in having normal menses and less hair on body?
This simple measure may restore menstruation and ovulation to normal. Helps in getting less hairy on face and body. Exercise and weight control also reduce the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes in later life.