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Fulguration is a medical procedure that involves using an electric current to destroy tissue.

In traditional fulguration, also known as electrofulguration, the doctor holds an electrode shaped like a needle just over the area of the tissue involved. Sparks jump from the needle to the tissue, burning it in the process. Using the electrode, the surgeon can carefully control the amount of tissue that is destroyed and the depth of the fulguration.



  • Removal of white/black heads
  • Removal of milia
  • Removal of viral warts
  • Removal of skin tags
  • Removal of seb keratosis
  • Removal of xanthelasmas
  • Removal of excess tissue from nose in rhinophyma/ rosacea
Is the procedure painful?

No. Before starting the procedure patient is asked to wear a skin numbing cream.

How long is the procedure?

Varies depending on the nature and the severity of the skin lesion. But on average, takes few minutes.

How does the skin look like after the procedure?

The treated skin area looks red and bruised for 4- 10 days.

What is the post treatment care?
  • Avoid using acne face washes, creams and gels for few days.
  • Avoid using bleaching agents for pigmentation for about few days.
  • Avoid strong sun exposure and heat.
  • Avoid sunblock.
  • Avoid makeup
When to come for follow up checkup?

After 1 month.

How many treatments are required?

Mostly one treatment is enough. But it might need another session as there is a high risk of recurrence with viral warts.

Does this treatment leave any kind of marks?

Absolutely not.