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Nevus of ota

Clinically, nevus of Ota presents as a blue or gray patch on the face, which is congenital and is within the distribution of the ophthalmic and maxillary branches of the trigeminal nerve. The nevus can be unilateral or bilateral, and, in addition to skin, it may involve ocular and oral mucosal surfaces.

Nevus of Ota can cause facial disfigurement, resulting in emotional and psychologic distress. In rare cases, melanoma, which can be life threatening, has been reported to arise from nevus of Ota. Glaucoma also has been associated with nevus of Ota.


  • The first peak of onset of nevus of Ota occurs in infancy, with as many as 50% of nevus of Ota cases present at  birth. The onset for nevus of Ito is at birth or shortly after.
  • The second peak of onset for nevus of Ota is seen during adolescence.
  • Isolated cases of delayed-onset nevi of Ota that first appear in adults, including in older patients, have been reported.



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