This clinic brings together a range of skincare and medical expertise all under one roof- distinctive advantages which have not gone unnoticed by patients as it welcomes more and more guests from all around the world.

Even though the clinic features state-of-the-art laser technologies , its success can only be assured by having these modalities applied with proper expertise & that is what Dr. Abbasi believes in

Since its foundation roughly ten years ago, the clinic has made a name for itself in the world of  medicine. The spacious premises is fully dedicated to skin health under medical management. The clinic’s laser platform is outstanding in the entire region and its technologies are cutting edge. The special advantage is that clinic combines a vast number of technologies in one place so that the treatments which really are most suited to each patient’s particular needs can be chosen. At clinic we prefer individualized long term relationships with our patients, rather than one off interventions, which has proved a very successful approach.

Above all, at clinic you can rely on unequalled quality and expertise. Under demanding and dynamic medical management, people who work in the clinic’s medical and paramedical teams receive ongoing training in the particularities of the treatments provided. On top of that, the clinic stands out by its constant search for cutting edge skin care techniques and its use of the most advanced equipment in the field. Professionalism, effectiveness and competence are the key words of a top level clinic, which revolves around the desire to meet its patient’s needs under the best current safety criteria. It is also a unique place in its commitment to prevention, a subject dear to the heart of the clinic medical director, and the pleasure of caring for one’s appearance and well being, enjoying life to the full while feeling happier and looking excellent.

Since opening my practice in Islamabad in 2008 I have striven to deliver the best that dermatology can offer. I realize that dermatology is a tool that should be medically safe and directed by artistic endeavor. We at the DFA Institute make this a reality and we do it every day.