How to Become a Dermatologist in Pakistan


Guide About Dermatology:

Dermatology is a unique field that only deals with the skin and associated diseases. This deals with treating eczema, allergies, and acne psoriasis.

Modern dermatology, it does not only deals with treating skin conditions but also helps in beautifying the appearance of the individuals e.g. removing dark circles, thread lifting, etc.

It has been observed according to the survey held in Pakistan, that skin diseases are prevailing at a higher rate in every age group.

People are having various skin diseases and the rate of the diseases is increasing rapidly.

So there is a need for the time that country produces more dermatologists to cater to a vast need for treatment.

Fields of Dermatology:

There are many fields of dermatology some of them are enlisted:

  1. Research
  2. Peads dermatology
  3. Mohs surgery
  4. Cosmetic dermatology
  5. Medical dermatology

How To Become A Dermatologist:

1. Pre-Medical:

If one wants to select medicine as his career so it is necessary that he shall opt the Biology ,chemistry and physics subjects in his high secondary school commonly referred  to as Pre-Medical.

This is because having the knowledge of Biology is necessary before getting into the medical career and being a doctor at the end.

2. Preparing For MDCAT:

The students will then have to prepare for the medical exam if held by the Gov.

Then he shall sit In the UHS examination or otherwise if willing to opt the course privately then he shall qualify the entrance examination MDCAT, of the associated  medical schools.

Is It Important To Do MBBS For Being A Dermatologist?

Yes, it is important to qualify MBBS which is a  year program to further specialize in the field of Derma to become a licensed doctor of dermatology.

After doing dermatology it is necessary to do post-graduation in dermatology which will be a specialized course.

This will require practicing and gaining experience is the selected field according to the required credit hours for the program.

Scope Of Dermatology:

The scope of dermatology is rapidly increasing as many people are getting prone to the skin disease.

There are many contributing factors which are leading to the skin infections and allergies the most important of them is the environmental factor which is polluting the environment and also harming the skin.

Therefore, to combat the rapidly increasing skin diseases the demand for dermatologist is also increasing rapidly.

Secondly, the people now a days especially women are concerned about their looks and everyone wants to look fresh and sound.

Thus, the branch of dermatology which is cosmetology is also getting popular among the people.

Therefore more people are opting such courses as the demand increases parallel to the need.

Dermatologist- Not Only Working As Physicians:

Dermatologists are not only serving as the physicians but also are working as professors, teachers, researchers and can write journals nationally and internationally.

Hence, no matter what the field is opted they are the assets for the country and serving the people to their best which is adding credibility to their work.

Universities Offering Dermatology Courses :

Dermatology is the medical science that is getting very popular among the new generation who is aiming to become a doctor but unfortunately, there are a few universities who are offering such program.

Hence , one needs to get good marks in FSC pre-medical and then he will be eligible in getting admission in BS dermatology.

Few of the universities offering the dermatological undergraduate programs are:

  1. Dow university (Karachi)
  2. Isra university (Hyderabad)
  3. Liaqat university of medical and health sciences.(Jamshoro)
  4. PMI (Lahore)

BS Dermatology:

The individuals who cannot qualify for MBBS, they have another option of doing BS/MS in dermatology, if intended to become lecturer and professor and completing the required training they can work in following fields:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Lecturer
  • Medical technicians
  • Assistants to the doctors at public or private hospitals.

1. Eligibility Criteria For Admissions :


The eligibility criteria for getting admission in MBBS is 60% rest of the percentage for qualifying of the candidate depends upon the entry test given. The aggregate for qualifying for MBBS is around 85 – 95 % which is quite high though.

Dermatology Subjects In Pakistan :

The subjects taught in Pakistan  for specialization in the field of dermatology are:

  • Basic Sciences as related to Dermatology
  • Principles and Practice of Dermatology
  • STD and Leprosy
  • Histopathology, Leprology, and Venereology
  • Recent Advance in Dermatology, Leprology, and Venerology


Can I become dermatologist without MBBS in Pakistan?

Yes, one can become a dermatologist in Pakistan without doing MBBS but the individual will not be categorized as a doctor rather he would be a medical assistant.

Is there a scope of dermatology in Pakistan?

Yes, Dermatology is emerging as one of the most popular field of medicine there is more demand of a dermatologist as the need increases.

What qualification is required for being a dermatologist?

Being a licensed dermatologist it is important to do MBBS and then specialize in dermatology.