How to Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes

What are Eye Bags

Eye bags can be many different things. Additionally, many people struggle with eye bags. Eye bags could be puffiness around the eyes.

Excess skin around the eyes. It could also be discoloration. Eye bags are created by the weakening of the muscles and tissue around the eyes.

They are also created by the migration of fat around the eyes. Eye bags can develop slowly or very fast. Furthermore, they can also be genetic.

Things that cause eye bags are lack of sleep, not drinking enough water and some foods. For example, some foods that cause eye bags are fast food and bread.

It is very easy to get eye bags and they are very hard to get rid of quickly. A way that gets rid of eye bags quickly and easily is Accutite. Accutite is a Eye Bag removal in Islamabad that is offered by Dr Fazeela Abbasi.

Eye Bag Removal In Islamabad

An Eye Bag removal in Islamabad is Accutite. At Dr Fazeela Abbasi’s clinic in Islamabad you can get the Accutite treatment. Accutite is a very small treatment and is not surgical.

It is not invasive; they use a small radiofrequency contraction device to do the treatment. The device is called radio frequency assisted lipolysis (RFAL).

The radio frequency assisted lipolysis device is able to get to the places on your body that are normally hard to access such as your eye bags.

Furthermore, this device does not leave any scars. During the treatment your eye bags will be sculpted and tightened. Also, the procedure takes 20 minutes or less.

This short and easy procedure can remove your eye bags quickly and efficiently. Many people have seen drastic differences between their eye bags before using Accutite and after.

After getting only one Accutite session your eye bags will be significantly improved. The results that you get form this Eye Bag removal in Islamabad will show between one to three months after the treatment.

Right after the treatment there will only be a little swelling. The results will get rid of eye bags easily. Accutite is similar to another treatment offered by Dr Fazeela Abbasi called Facetite.

Facetite uses the same technologies that Accutite uses. However, Accutite is used for smaller and places on your face that would need more precision. This allows for the treatment to only access your eye bags. This means the treatment will be exact and accurate.

Dr Fazeela Abbasi

Dermatologist Dr. Fazeela Abbasi has offices in Islamabad and Dubai. She offers an Eye Bag removal in Islamabad called Accutite.

Dr. Abbasi graduated from Saint John’s Institute of Dermatology with a degree in Clinical Dermatology. Located at King’s College London is this institute. She also completed a postgraduate degree after attending medical school.

In the field of dermatology, she has a high level of credibility. Furthermore, she is a member of MD Dermatology. She is also an honorary instructor at the Sharjah University Laser Training & Research Center. This can be viewed as one of her numerous accomplishments.

The Dubai Health Authority has recognised this establishment in Dubai. Another one of her accomplishments is that she is the brand ambassador for many international brands.

Some of these brands include Ponds and now known as Balatero. For Ponds she was the doctor ambassador for their retinol anti-aging cream.

DFA Clinic

Her clinic in Islamabad is called the DFA clinic. This clinic offers Eye Bag removal in Islamabad. It was opened in 2008.

The DFA clinic offered the best dermatological care. Moreover, they use the most innovative technology in every area. One of these innovative technologies in Accutite. This is available as an Eye Bag removal in Islamabad.

In addition, when you are a client at the DFA clinic you develop enduring relationships that will assist you in becoming the greatest version of yourself. Furthermore, they offer a lot of different skincare products.

These products will allow you to continue your treatment at home. They will also allow you to keep your skin looking youthful and healthy. The service that you receive at the DFA clinic is professional and effective.

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