Best Q Switch Nd YAG Laser Treatment in Islamabad by Dr. Fazeela Abbasi

What is Nd YAG laser?

  • (Yttrium aluminium garnet doped with neodymium) Nd YAG is a crystal that is used in solid-state lasers.
  • Because each of the ions have exactly the same terms of size, the triply ionized neodymium [Nd (III)] dopant (a substance which is added to another pure substance in small amounts to change its conductive properties) generally requires only over just a few percent of the yttrium ions in the host structure of the crystal.
  • The neodymium ion provides the laser activity within the crystal.
  • With a wavelength of 1064 nm, the Nd YAG laser can reach deeper layers of skin tissue than other types of lasers.
  • In Q switched mode, Nd YAG emits two wavelengths, one in the infrared range (1064 nm) and another for superficial skin lesions (532 nm). Q switching is the process of producing a high-intensity laser beam in very short pulses.

How Does Nd YAG Laser Work?

Lasers operate by releasing a high-energy wavelength of light which, if targeted at a specific skin condition, produces heat and destroys cells that are infected.

What is Nd YAG Laser Used for?

Nd YAG laser beams can treat the following skin conditions.

1. Vascular Lesions

  • Varicose veins
  • Vascular birthmark
  • Spidered or threaded veins
  • Facial veins
  • Vascular tumor

Red pigment (haemoglobin) is targeted by laser light pulses. Typical settings for treating facial veins include a pulse duration of 50 milliseconds and a fluence (i.e. output energy) of 150250 J/cm2 (estimated in Joules per centimeter squared).

2. Pigmented Lesions

Brown age spots (solar lentigines), freckles, naevus of Ota, which is naevus of Ito, lumbosacral melanocytosis, hori naevus, and café-au-lait-macules can all be treated with the Nd YAG laser.

3. Hair Removal

  • The Nd YAG laser can be used to remove hair from any part of the body, including the underarms, swimwear line, face, back of the neck, your chest and legs.
  • Nd YAG laser treatment is generally unsuccessful for light-colored (blonde/grey) strands of hair but effective for darker (brown/black) hair in Fitzpatrick forms I to III, along with light-colored kind IV skin.
  • For tanned or darker-skinned patients, there is caution which is advised due to the laser that may damage melanin, leading to white patches of skin (leukoderma).

4. Onychomycosis

  • Onychomycosis is an ordinary fungal pathogen-caused nail disorder.
  • A number of laser devices have been approved by the food and drug administration for the treatment of onychomycosis.
  • The initial two FDA-approved lasers for onychomycosis treatment PinPointe or FootLaser and Cutera GenesisPlus both use flashlamp-pumped short-pulse Nd YAG 1064 nm lasers.
  • These lasers produce 100-3000-microsecond impulses with a radiation influence of 25.5 J/cm2 and a spot size of 1 mm.

How Q Switched Nd YAG Laser is Used at DFA Clinic?

Q Switch Nd Yag Laser at DFA Clinic
Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser

Q switched lasers utilize precise pulses of laser energy to target and release pigment within the skin. As the pigment is released, your body’s natural processes kick in, reabsorbing and disposing of it over time. This process is safe and natural, promoting a gradual improvement in your skin’s appearance. 

The Science Behind Q Switched Laser Variants

Q switched lasers aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution; they come in various types, each meticulously designed for specific tasks. These lasers harness different crystal rods to generate varying wavelengths, enabling precise targeting.

  • Q Switched Nd: Renowned for its prowess in non-ablative skin rejuvenation, eliminating darkened scars, and erasing a broad spectrum of tattoo colors.
  • Ruby Laser: A hero against complex tattoo hues like lime green and sky blue.
  • Alexandrite Laser: The go-to choice for tackling brown spots, sun spots, scars, birthmarks, and melasma.

Typical Types of Nd YAG Lasers

Some of the common types of Nd YAG lasers are as follows:

  • Diode Pumped Lasers
  • Lamp Pumped Lasers
  • Q Switched Lasers
  • Bulk Lasers
  • Monolithic YAG Lasers

What Does the Laser Procedure Involve?

To prevent the attack of skin cancers, it is essential that the medical professional make the right diagnosis before beginning treatment, especially when pigmented lesions are the target.

Following procedures are involved during the treatment.

  • The patient must wear eye protection, such as goggles or an opaque covering, during the entire procedure.
  • The process for getting treatment involves putting a handpiece up against the skin’s surface and turning on the laser. Many patients say that every pulse feels like a rubber band snapping on their skin.
  • Anesthetic is applied on the target areas.
  • Some lasers involve cooling features to cool the skin surface. Skin cooling procedure is mainly involved in hair removal treatments.
  • After your treatment ice packs will be applied to soothe the treatment areas.
  • To reduce any danger, your healthcare provider might also apply a bandage.
  • After your treatment your healthcare provider may ask you to avoid heat exposures such as sunlight.

Who is Nd YAG for?

Nd YAG treatment can be done for the following conditions:

  • Individuals with discolored skin.
  • Patients who experience brown spots on their skin. Different sized spots are supported by this laser system.
  • Someone who might be trying to reduce their hair growth.
  • Those seeking treatment for vascular lesions such as spider veins.
  • Individuals with rosacea or those seeking to lighten their skin tone overall.
  • Patients looking for more firm skin and a more uniform skin tone.

What are the Benefits of Nd YAG Laser Treatment?

Benefits of Nd YAG laser treatment are as follows:

  • Boost your skin tone.
  • Remove off rosacea and facial veins.
  • Reduce your fine lines and wrinkles on the face.
  • Deal with brown pigmentation and age spots caused by the sun.
  • Skin tightening and firming.
  • Boost the formation of new collagen and elastin tissue.
  • Thanks to its precision-focused approach, neighboring tissues remain unharmed, ensuring a safe and efficient procedure.

Are There Any Side Effects from Nd YAG Laser Treatment in Islamabad?

Nd YAG laser treatment side effects usually minor and may consist of the following side effects:

  • Changes in skin pigmentation
  • Redness, swelling and itching
  • Bruising
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Pain


Although temporary redness and swelling are common side effects, when administered by trained professionals, Nd YAG laser treatment is generally safe.

The Nd YAG laser uses can treat vascular lesions, acne scars, pigmentation issues, hair removal, and tattoo removal.

The number of sessions for Q switch Nd Yag laser uses are for every individual and also depends on the severity and nature of the problem.

The effects of Q switch laser treatment in Islamabad will continue to be seen much beyond what you anticipate. However, you may require follow-up sittings after two or three sessions. The results continue to show even after the sessions are completed.

Mostly, the skin appears normal after each session, but it may turn slightly red right after the treatment. The redness goes away on its own after a few minutes and returns to normal. 

Recovery from Nd YAG laser treatment usually short, enabling quick recovery and return to normal activities.

Although results may take time to show up, longevity might require maintaining therapies.

The Nd YAG laser treatment cost is determined by the clinic’s pricing guidelines. Also, Nd YAG laser treatment cost depends on the type and extent of the procedure, and the location.


Are you tired of dealing with pesky brown spots, sun freckles, or regrettable tattoos? Look no further than Q switched Nd YAG laser technology, a revolutionary solution that can help you achieve the clear, even skin you desire.

DFA’s state-of-the-art skillset and Q switched lasers, capabilities stand as potent solutions for an array of issues, including tattoo removal, fungal treatment, age spots, freckles birthmarks, moles, spider veins, port-wine stains, skin rejuvenation etc.

Are you interested to learn more about Q switch laser treatment for skin brightening, contact us today and book your appointment with Dr. Fazeela Abbasi right now. 

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