Signature Liquid Face Sculpting in Islamabad

Dr. Fazeela Abbasi is considered to be the most sought after doctor for her artistically performed botox & filler procedures coining the term ……..”DFA signature liquid face sculpting”

Dr. Fazeela Abbasi combines the aesthetic talent of an artist with the scientific precision of a dermatologist. Her philosophy is to create the most beautiful and natural results possible.


It is a facial sculpting using cosmetic injectables (such as injectable fillers and Botox) to recreate the contours that once existed & with aging, have lost their existence or to enhance the pleasant features that already exist with meticulous precision necessary to enhance features and restore smooth contours.

The entire treatment process takes less than 1 hour, during which time there is minimal pain as Dr. Fazeela Abbasi uses her cannula technique making the liquid face sculpting process not just pain free but bruise free as well. Patients get back to their social life immediately after procedure.

In Doctors Own Words

In the past couple of years — a new way of thinking about how to rejuvenate the face has come about. If we were having this conversation just 2 years ago, we would be thinking in terms of a simplistic approach, in terms of filling lines and depressions. Now our approach is much more anatomically based, and we understand that the process is more about volume replacement & aging is skin deep.

There is a changing paradigm of the aging face, and treating volume loss rather than chasing after lines and wrinkles.

I’ve learned over the years that what I see is important, of course, but what the patient sees is more important. I always try to assess what the patient sees and then correlate that with what I am seeing. Usually they coincide. Still, the majority of patients come in asking for line-filling.

I try to open their third eye which I like to call AN ARTIST ‘S EYE & most of the time it gets open & is a remarkable experience for both the patient & myself as appreciating beauty in its true form & color is a god’s gift.

I look at the fullness of the face, the structure, the proportions. I look at the texture of the skin, the volume, and the width of the face. The face has to be widest at the level of the malar prominence. There are a lot of different proportions in play. Arthur Swift, MD, has a beautiful presentation on the mathematical proportions of the face in which he has taken the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio to the maximum and incorporated them into why we perceive beauty in the way that we do. The standards of Michelangelo’s perception of beauty are really the same that we have in 2018.

The other areas that I think are critical in assessing a patient for any injectable — whether it’s a neuromodulator or a filler — are the perioral and periorbital areas. If you concentrate on just those 2 areas, you usually have a home run, and if you add volumization of the midface, you have a grand slam.

Aging of face is a combination of many changes on many levels: bony structures, subcutaneous fat, muscles, skin integrity …….mostly skin deep.

I think the most obvious change is the skin and the subcutaneous tissues. That’s a given, because it’s the most visible to the patient and to the physician. These changes are caused by both extrinsic and intrinsic aging factors:

  • Sun Exposure
  • Smoking
  • Genetics
  • Weight Loss
  • Reduction in Collagen
  • Elastin Fibers
  • Loss of Subcutaneous Fat

There is also bone resorption as we age, whether it’s around the teeth or in the midface or the prominence of the chin. From a philosophical point of view, we’re trying to replace the loss of subcutaneous fat and correct the effect of the resorbed bone.

Technique & Selection of Products Used in Face Sculpting

The technique, of course, varies by area, specifically when it involves injection of long-lasting or semi-permanent products as their placement in wrong anatomic areas in the wrong place can lead to serious complications.

You can get a negative outcome when you use a good product in a bad area or a bad product in a good area. This, of course, underscores the importance of knowledge of product characteristics and the understanding of each anatomical area treated.

Educating the Patient

We have to listen to and educate our patients so that we can explain the procedures and products that will give them the best results making sure they understand what facial aesthetics are & how to create the facial harmony by making sure face is not overfilled or overstuffed; there should still be contours and shadows that preserve a natural-looking face. Making them aware of bad cheap injectables & keeping them cautious of bad amateur injectors is something that we have to do as its our professional & moral duty to keep our patients alert & safe. Taking care of aging face or preserving facial beauty demands scientific precision done artistically…………Look for an artist to take care of you.

“Every small little thing must be in balance to achieve a holistic harmony. This aesthetic sensibility allows me to excel in every aspect of aesthetic dermatology, for both face and body, allowing me to instill my full passion & artistic touch in each procedure I perform.”

How is the Procedure Performed with a Blunt Tip Cannula?

Dr. Fazeela Abbasi uses blunt tip cannulas to place fillers deep in the skin or under the facial muscles. Her special technique helps the patient to have the minimal downtime possible with virtually no bruising, mild to no swelling and increased longevity of the filler in the patient’s face without any risks of damaging major blood vessels and nerves, formation of lumps, bluish discoloration or any permanent skin color changes due to extensive and intense bruising that can happen in needling procedure.

Are There Any Side Effects?

With the use of blunt tip cannulas, the usual side effects of fillers that are seen with needles are reduced to only mild swelling, resolving spontaneously in 2-7 days after the filler procedure. At times, there is no noticeable swelling making the procedure absolutely side effect-free.

What to Expect from a Liquid Facelift or Lunchtime Facelift?

Injectable lunchtime facelift results are usually visible instantly, giving a youthful look.

Are There Any Risks of a Liquid Facelift?

Granulomas or lumps and bumps can form if fillers are injected superficially in the skin. This can be avoided in hands of a professional. Dr. Fazeela Abbasi uses a blunt cannula instead of a sharp needle to place the filler in the deeper layers under the muscle so even if a lump gets formed, it will not be seen or felt though skin as it would be lying deep under the facial muscles.

Intensive bruising can happen if a major blood vessel is punctured. This can give rise to permanent skin color changes. This can be avoided as Dr. Fazeela Abbasi uses a blunt cannula instead of a sharp needle to place the filler in the deeper layers without any fear of puncturing any blood vessels.

Bluish skin discoloration or Tyndall Effect is very commonly seen in tear trough areas, as the filler injected is very superficial. This is avoidable in experienced hands.

Are Touch-Up Sessions Required?

The result directly after the treatment may not be the final result depending on the extent of injection-related swelling. Touch-up treatment is necessary to achieve full correction after about 4 weeks. In order to fine-tune results, additional follow-up treatments may be necessary. Additional injections are required in the event of asymmetry.

How Long Does the Effect of Fillers Last?

Duration depends on the fillers that were used in the facelift procedure. It varies on different parts of face. Due to the use of blunt tip cannulas and specially devised liquid face sculpting techniques by Dr. Fazeela Abbasi, the longevity of fillers gets enhanced and it could be anywhere from 9-15 months on average.


Dr. Fazeela Abbasi understands that the greatest fear of patients seeking lip enhancement is an overly done, unnatural result. Dr. Fazeela Abbasi also finds such a look unacceptable and works with every client to make results appear natural and not overly done.

1. Who is a Candidate for Lip Enhancement?    

  • If you desire to have fuller or more defined lips.
  • Men and women are both candidates for this procedure.

2. How Much Time Will I Need to Take Off from Work After Lip Augmentation?

Patients can typically return to their normal activities immediately after the procedure in most of the cases but it is recommended to take this procedure during week end so the patient can recover from swelling before the working day.

3. Is it Done in One Session?

Mostly yes but in few cases a 2nd treatment session is planned after 2 to 4 weeks to achieve desired results.

4. What are the Side Effects?

There could be swelling resolving in 2 to 5 days. Tiny bluish nodules (hematomas) can form resolving in 5 to 14 days. There could be asymmetry which can be addressed in the 2nd treatment session planned after 2 to 4 weeks after the 1st one.

5. What is the Intended Result from Having Lip Augmentation?

  • The intention is to give you the fuller lips you desire.
  • For some patients with very thin lips, the goal may be to have a more facially balanced appearance.
  • For some patients, very thick and sexy lips are the goal.
  • Some patients desire a defined edge to the lip or a return to more youthful looking lips.

6. Is Anesthesia Used During Lip Augmentation Cosmetic Procedure?

Yes, your lips will be numbed so that you feel no or minimal discomfort. Usually, a topical anesthetic is used, as well as lidocaine intra musosal injections, to numb the lips.

7. How is the Actual Procedure Performed?

Dr. Fazeela Abbasi injects the desired treatment area, using a small needle, with fillers.

8. Is Lip Augmentation a Painful Procedure?

Some minor discomfort can occur, numbing of the area beforehand will minimize any discomfort.

The procedure is much more precise than surgical rhinoplasty, as more detailed adjustments to nasal contour are possible. During the procedure, you are fully awake. You hold a mirror and you are in complete control of the procedure’s results.

Most patients return to work on the same day as the procedure. The results are immediate. There is no significant swelling or pain. Sunglasses or heavy eyeglasses may be avoided for two weeks after the procedure, as the filler material becomes integrated into the skin of the nose.

The filler is injected in small amounts and in precise locations so that there is total control over the shape and contours created by the procedure. During the procedure you will be asked to look at your nose and provide feedback, meaning that you have total control over the end result.

The results are immediate and last from eight to twelve months, depending on the type of filler that is being used. Because the results are relatively temporary, adjustments can be made as your face changes over time and you always retain a natural look.

This technique corrects a weak or receding chin and balances your profile without the pain, risk, and recovery time of surgical chin implants.

Non-surgical chin enhancement avoids the basic risks of surgery and anesthesia. Fillers do not move after they are injected (they become part of the skin) and infections are unheard of with injection of fillers into this area of the face.

Minor swelling, bruising and tenderness lasting no more than two to three days can happen. Most people can go back to work the same day with some cover-up on their chin.

The fillers are injected in small amounts and in precise locations so that there is total control over the shape and contours created by the procedure. Results last for about a year to year & a half.

Injectable fillers are injected in a very precise manner into the deepest tissues of the cheek. There is no down time as patients can return to work immediately. The fillers are injected in small amounts and in precise locations so that there is total control over the shape and contours created by the procedure. Results last for about a year to year & a half.

Small deposits of the filler are placed in precise location filling in depressed areas between the cheek and the eyelid, called a tear trough. This removes the shadow, which creates the dark circles, and eliminates the look of protruding lower lids.

After the injection, there could be minor bruising or swelling which will go away within a few days.

Results last from few months to a year. This temporary method allows you to make adjustments as your face changes over time so that you will always have a natural look.

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