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What is Xanthelasma?

Xanthelasma is a yellowish patch or bump near the eyelids that can be flat or either slightly raised. They are formed when the Charleston level under the skin exceeds its limit. Xanthelasma is not harmful but it can be a sign of heart disease.

Xanthelasma Treatment

What are the Xanthelasma Symptoms?

Symptoms of xanthelasma can be found near eyelids which can be observed as:

  • Flat Yellows
  • Bumpy Yellows
  • Soft and Firm Skin
  • Totally Uncomfortable

What are Xanthelasma Causes?

Most common cause of xanthelasma is due to inheritance. Most people have normal cholesterol levels in blood but the ones who have high levels of cholesterol are said to be passed down from their parents.

The other common Xanthelasma causes are as follows:

  • Diabetes
  • Inflammation
  • Thyroid Issues
  • Excessive Gain in Weight

What Can I Do to Prevent Xanthelasma?

To prevent your skin from facing xanthelasma, you have to lower your cholesterol levels. You can avoid increase in cholesterol through following ways:

  • Avoid Fats
  • Exercise Daily
  • Avoid Smoking

Who is at Risk for Xanthelasma?

As it is discussed earlier that xanthelasma can happen due to high cholesterol levels in blood but the other reason you may be at risk for xanthelasma and it’s more likely to get you are as follows:

  • Those who smoke.
  • Those who have diabetes.
  • Those who are overweight.
  • Those who have high blood pressure.

How is Xanthelasma Treated?

Xanthelasma does not go away on its own; they tend to stay on your eyes and may grow larger, while they are generally harmless.

You only want to treat this condition for cosmetic purposes. There are various treatment options that can be opted to remove the deposit. Some of them which are used by dermatologists are enlisted as follows:

1. Cryotherapy

This is a treatment also known as extreme freezing. In this extremely cold liquid nitrogen is used which is applied to the affected area and this will stagnate the growth of xanthelasma.

There is minimal risk of infection with this treatment procedure.

2. Surgical Procedure

This can also be removed by a scalpel and later sutured. Possible scarring and bleeding may occur there could be chances of infection but this takes off the xanthelasma from the root.

This opts if there is a large growth on the eyelid. Xanthelasma removal in Islamabad is also done through this method.

3. RF Therapy

Radio waves are applied at a particular frequency and the neoplasm cell dies with minimum chances of relapse.

4. Chemical Burn

This treatment uses the chemical to burn the plaque but is rarely used as the eye is the sensitive area.

5. Electro Coagulation

Electric current is passed to the affected area by the electrode and this burns the cells and seizes the growth.

6. Laser Treatment

Lastly, the most common procedure done is laser treatment. The laser beams are targeted to the affected area and neoplasm cells are destroyed; this is the most expensive treatment of all.

Patients are advised to protect their eyes with goggles as the crust will heal in a few days.

This may be painful at times so is done under local anesthesia.

Side Effects of the Treatment

When you are done with your best xanthelasma treatment, you may face the following side effects.

  • Scars
  • Change in skin color
  • Eyelid may look pulled
  • Pain

Best Xanthelasma Treatment in Islamabad

Dr. Fazeela Abbasi is among the renowned dermatologists who remove xanthelasmas, provides her services in Islamabad, and is an expert in laser treatments.

She has expertise in laser treatments and has been practicing for more than 13 years. She has been treating her patients successfully in Islamabad.

Therefore, if anyone is dealing with xanthelasma and wants to get it removed, book your appointment now with Dr. Fazeela Abbasi and get satisfactory results.


Xanthelasma is a skin condition that is treated by dermatologists and xanthelasma removal in Islamabad can permanently reduce the chances of relapse and infections respectively.


Usually, xanthelasma does not go away by itself.

Yes, cases of xanthelasma are connected with excessive cholesterol.

While lowering cholesterol may lessen xanthelasma but it might not totally disappear.

To some extent, chemical peels can aid in the treatment of xanthelasma.

There are many therapies for the best xanthelasma treatment such as lasers and traditional surgery but the most optimal option to have your xanthelasma best treatment and effective treatment with the involvement of minimum risk is cryotherapy.

Your healthcare provider will ask you to have daily exercise to control your cholesterol levels.

Certain treatments could require downtime based on the methods used.

Recovery times from xanthelasma treatment vary but might reach several weeks.

Long-lasting benefits are possible with treatment, however xanthelasma can reoccur.

Xanthelasma treatment cost can vary on the methods used and location of your treatment. Another factor xanthelasma treatment cost can be due to the cost of your healthcare provider services.


Xanthelasma spots make you feel less confident and with the help of our efficient xanthelasma treatment methods at DFA take control of your look and embrace clear, attractive skin. Give up on letting these symptoms dictate how you look. Make an appointment for your treatment right now to start the process of recovering the natural beauty of your skin.

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