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What is PRP Therapy?

In Islamabad, there’s a treatment called Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP for hair loss. It involves three steps: drawing a person’s blood, processing it, and then injecting it into the scalp. These injections encourage natural hair growth by improving blood flow to the hair follicles and making the hair thicker.

What can Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Achieve?

  • Produce new, healthy cells for your hair.
  • Experience less hair damage and reduced burning or itching.
  • It can be a safe and effective treatment for Alopecia Areata (AA).
  • See a significant increase in new hair growth.
  • Get hair that looks fuller and healthier naturally.

How Does Best PRP Treatment in Islamabad Work?

PRP injections function quite simply. Initially, a small portion of your blood is taken by the doctor and centrifuged for approximately fifteen minutes. This device concentrates the platelets in the plasma.

After that, the doctor uses this plasma to inject PRP. The patient receives these injections into their scalp to promote faster hair growth and new hair development.

According to some medical professionals, PRP injections promote natural hair growth by thickening the hair base and increasing blood flow to the hair follicles. This approach to hair loss can sometimes be combined with other therapies or drugs.

Who can be a Good Candidate?

Patients can benefit greatly from PRP injection therapy. Below are a handful of them:

  • Enhances Hair Growth: It improves the growth of your hair.
  • Natural and Practical Results: The outcomes seem appropriate and have practical value.
  • Enhances Hair Appearance: Enhances the appearance of your hair.
  • Not as Painful as Hair Transplants: Getting hair transplants is more painful than this.
  • Treatment for Hair Loss: This is a straightforward and simple method for treating hair loss.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Kits

At the DFA clinic, kits without silicone gel separators are used. Hence, it prevents any silicone gel leakage in the plasma injected into the skin. Silicone particles can cause serious side effects. Like allergic reactions in the skin to the most devastating granulomatosis reaction, giving rise to permanent skin lumps and bumps.

Special platelet activator-containing kits are also hand-picked by doctors to make the patient experience better results. PRP platelet rich plasma therapy kits with well-reputed international brands are carefully selected by Dr. Fazeela Abbasi to give the patient a safe and result-oriented experience.

Types of PRP Hair Transplants

There are two ways to inject PRP into the scalp for hair growth:

  • Under the Skin Method: PRP is injected using longer needles and fewer shots into the fatty layer just under the skin on the scalp.
  • On the Skin Method: PRP is injected into the skin layer on the scalp using shorter needles and more injections.

Benefits of PRP Therapy

Benefits of PRP therapy generally are long with vast advantages for the patient. These benefits of PRP therapy are listed below.

  • It will promote hair development.
  • All-natural and practical outcomes.
  • Enhance the way your hair looks.
  • Less agonizing than having hair transplants.
  • A simple and uncomplicated hair loss treatment.
  • It carries no significant risks or adverse effects.
  • An affordable hair care procedure.
  • Raise the standard of living.

Process for the Best PRP Treatment in Islamabad

Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, is a three-step process used in Islamabad to help with hair loss. In the first step, a small amount of your blood is taken from your arm and placed in a machine called a centrifuge, which spins quickly to separate different parts of the blood.

After about 10 minutes of spinning, your blood is divided into three layers: platelet poor plasma, platelet rich plasma, and red blood cells. The third step involves drawing up the platelet-rich plasma into a syringe and then injecting it into specific areas of the scalp that need more hair growth. This process is done in three sessions, with 4-6 weeks between each session.

After Care Instructions

You have to follow some steps to take care of your treated hair afterward. The person doing the treatment will give you specific instructions based on what you have done and how your hair is doing. Here are some common things you might be told:

  • Don’t take medicines like aspirin that make your blood thin.
  • Eat well and make sure you get enough vitamins and proteins.
  • You can use special oils to make your hair feel soft.
  • Don’t use products with chemicals on your hair for a few months.
  • Go to your follow-up sessions as scheduled.
  • Don’t smoke or drink alcohol.
  • If your hair hurts a lot or you think it might be infected, tell the person who did the treatment right away.

Side Effects of PRP Hair Treatment

Some people may experience temporary side effects of PRP hair treatment, which means they will not last forever and will fade on their own.

The following are the most common injection side effects of PRP hair treatment:

  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Light Bruising
  • Redness

These effects are not permanent and usually improve on their own over time. However, if these symptoms worsen, you should see your doctor right away.

Why Choose PRP in Islamabad?

Hair loss usually happens because the cells on the scalp don’t renew enough. PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) is a great treatment for this because it encourages the growth of new and healthy cells. It’s a simple and natural solution. PRP gives safe and dependable results, and you recover quickly after the treatment. They only take a small amount of blood, like when you have a regular blood test, and they use local anesthesia, so it’s not very painful. PRP for hair is a successful treatment with a high rate of success.

PRP Cost in Islamabad with PRP Injections Cost

PRP cost in Islamabad with PRP injections cost ranges between 15,000 and 25,000 PKR on average in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and all across Pakistan. The PRP cost in Islamabad varies from person to person based on their condition, and there are only a few factors that can influence the PRP cost in Islamabad such as location and cost of healthcare provider and PRP injections cost.


Platelet rich plasma therapy has emerged as an advanced treatment option, utilizing the body’s natural healing abilities to address various medical and aesthetic concerns.

Its regenerative properties offer promising solutions for skin rejuvenation, hair restoration, joint pain relief, and sports injuries.

With the aid of informative content, individuals can explore the potential benefits of platelet rich plasma therapy and make informed decisions about their healthcare options.


Getting PRP treatment for hair loss usually doesn’t hurt much because they use something to numb the area during the procedure.

PRP might make hair grow back, but the effects might not last forever, so you might need more sessions to keep seeing results.

For the best PRP treatment in Islamabad, we recommend up to 6-8 treatments, 2-4 weeks apart, with top-ups at 3 months.

PRP therapy can be used for different things like helping with hair loss, making the skin look better, and treating certain joint and muscle problems.

When you go for best hair PRP in Islamabad, it might take around 60 to 90 minutes each time.

After getting PRP therapy, you should recover quickly, and it’s not very uncomfortable or takes a long time.

You might start seeing changes in your hair a few months after the best hair PRP in Islamabad, but it’s different for everyone.

PRP therapy and stem cell therapy are not the same. PRP uses your blood, while stem cell therapy uses special cells.

Whether having the best PRP in Islamabad or a hair transplant, the effect depends on the person, and sometimes, they might be used together.

PRP can be good for fixing bald spots and making hair grow back in those areas.

The PRP cost in Pakistan can change, but on average, it’s around PKR 15,000 to PKR 30,000 for one session. PRP cost in Pakistan also depends on location and costs of services.


Most of people have hair loss, wrinkles, acne and several skin Problem for these problems PRP in Islamabad is the best solution. The first step toward your transformation involves an essential consultation with a dermatologist. Feel free to ask any questions to make an informed decision, and if you choose to proceed, the procedure can typically be scheduled promptly. Book your consultation with Dr. Fazeela Abbasi in Islamabad now.

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